Invisible to the naked eye, our body hosts trillions of microorganisms, otherwise known as bacteria. On every square inch of healthy skin, there live approximately one million beneficial microorganisms. This elaborate ecosystem is known as the skin microbiome. Similar to the digestive system, the skin can only thrive as long as these beneficial microorganisms are allowed to thrive, thus lies the issue with commercial products. With the goal of instant results, commercial products kill not only the bad microorganisms, but the good ones as well. This short term fix ultimately leads to long term skin problems.

Skincare shouldn’t come at the cost of your health.

Our Difference

Our line of SKIN-PROBIOTICS is formulated with bioactive, soil base, probiotics to help cultivate beneficial skin bacteria to create a balanced ecosystem. When the skin microbiome is in balance, your skin is healthy and beautiful.

Why It Matters

An unbalanced skin microbiome can result in inflammation, acne, eczema or even health complications. Ultimately, that means that the beautiful complexion you worked so hard to achieve is gone! While most commercial products contain strong chemical preservatives, stabilizers and fillers, we promise our products are 100% non-toxic with no fillers and no preservatives. To maintain the safety and integrity of our Recovery Lotion, we use a minute amount of colloidal silver to give it a 9 month shelf life.

Our mission is to help our customers in living a toxin free and balanced lifestyle. While many fear bacteria, in reality they are the key to keeping your skin and our body healthy and beautiful. So join us in cultivating crucial good skin bacteria that has existed and evolved with us for centuries.

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To learn more about natural beauty and the wonderful world of beneficial bacteria, fungi and virus that our Human Microbiome, visit our Blog.